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We support organisations that are already under criminal or regulatory investigation. We use our expertise gained whilst working at law enforcement agencies and regulators, to help steer an organisation towards a resolution with investigating bodies in a clear and pragmatic way.

We assist with strategic planning at the very start of investigations, ensuring that decisions are made that can withstand external scrutiny. We are a sounding board for senior management, leadership, and boards.  We offer practical insight and guidance to senior leaders on navigating the challenges of being investigated, as well as complex issues such as self-reporting, legal professional privilege, extradition, and cooperation with investigating authorities.

We address broader enterprise risks by:

  • Developing strategies to minimise fraud, bribery, and corruption risks.

  • Preparing senior executives for interviews with investigating bodies.

  • Conducting governance reviews (including policies, procedures, and processes with a view to identifying areas of potential enhancement).

We advise on a range of resolutions that may be available, including:


  • Deferred (non) Prosecution Agreements (DPAs).

  • Declinations.

  • Developing Compliance Programmes.

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Strategic Consulting Services

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