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We are firm advocates for excellence in investigations. We believe that it is important that in-house and external investigators are equipped with the skills needed to effectively support organisations.  We work with organisations to build the capacity of their legal and compliance teams through focused and interactive professional development.

We conduct risk reviews by looking at an organisation’s processes and procedures to ensure compliance with current legislative frameworks. We provide recommendations on ways to future-proof and enhance resilience against economic crime risks faced by organisations.

We offer bespoke training to tackle specific challenges faced, in an effective and engaging way. We develop and deliver tailored & targeted training across organisations and to those most vulnerable to serious economic crime risks. We understand that organisations are impacted in different ways by laws and regulations. Our engagement with your teams recognises this, and our training reflects the unique and diverse nature of your organisation.


Some topics and areas covered in our training include:

  • Investigating suspected instances of economic crime (including - but not limited to - fraud, bribery, corruption, and money laundering).

  • Overviews of legal and regulatory developments.

  • Developing and reviewing prosecution strategies.

  • Successfully cooperating with other jurisdictions.

  • Investigations - best practices.

  • Criminal Justice.

  • Interviewing skills. 

  • Introduction to corporate investigations.

  • Leading and managing multi-jurisdictional investigations.

Targeted & Tailored Training and Risk Reviews

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